• Dafne Miranda

    Dafne Miranda

    Product Designer — Florianópolis, Brasil.

  • Evan Gravely

    Evan Gravely

  • Tilo Mathes

    Tilo Mathes

    science, technology, and bicycle enthusiast. serving the world of science for a sustainable future. community @ResearchGate . views my own. (he/him).

  • Sjur Grønningsæter

    Sjur Grønningsæter

    Design system dude @ NAV and Certified OOUX Strategist

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Kim Krause Berg

    Kim Krause Berg, CPACC Accessibility and QA Analyst, Accessibility, BM Technologies, Inc. (BMTX) f/k/a BankMobile, owns Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC.

  • Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson

    UX enthusiast who loves to share and discover innovative design content. Lead UXer at @WalkMeInc!

  • Paul Trenchard-Seys

    Paul Trenchard-Seys

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