Is that really a user problem?

User-centred design solves organisational problems by solving user problems. Is your team really doing that?

A Kawaii picture of a broken tooth

1. No focus on user problems at all

Example — the aimless redesign

Red flag — The solution is in the project name

Opportunity-centred projects

2. Mistaking organisational problems for user problems

3. Inventing problems that users don’t feel they have

Sub-optimal is not (necessarily) a problem

Misunderstanding is not (necessarily) a problem

Your problems, reworded as theirs

A phone asking whether I want to turn on my personalised ads

OK, so what is a user problem then?

The user is aware and cares

Specific and descriptive

They don’t always come quickly and easily

Spotting real user problems

Begin with a problem space

Are we allowed to solve this problem?

Be pragmatic

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