Introducing my UX Tips YouTube channel

Short videos on single subjects

David Hamill
2 min readOct 29, 2020

I’m constantly disappointed by the lack of practical advice being shared by most of the so-called design leaders on social media. A consistent thread I’m also hearing from people entering UX, is how much bad advice exists on the internet. It’s very hard for new entrants to tell the good from the bad.

So, as well as continuing to write my Medium posts, I’ve also started a YouTube channel of very short videos. In these videos I will discuss a single pattern, theme or recommendation, based on my own experience. The production quality will be low, because if I make it too much of task for myself then I’ll end up doing fewer of them.

The aim

As with most of the stuff I write, I want to pass on knowledge you can actually use.

First episodes

Here are a few of the first episodes. If you like them, then I’d appreciate you subscribing and sharing them with your network. And also please feedback in the comments if you have anything you’d want me to cover or improve.

Episode 1 — Delays on hover menus

If you’ve ever tried changing a font-weight to Black in a Google Doc then you’ll have experienced this one.

Episode 2 — False Bottoms

Your quest for a nice neat design can actually inhibit scrolling.

Episode 3 — Moving the goalposts

When you move the interface around based on the user’s interactions, you can often introduce problems.

Episode 4 — Holding the conversation

Your users interactions with your design can form a sort of conversation which you need to ensure is held consistently if you want to avoid issues.

About the author

I’m David Hamill. I help organisations take better decisions by providing advice and lean (but meaningful) UX research. If you would like my help to improve your product decisions, then get in touch.