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  • Jason T. Voiovich

    Jason T. Voiovich

    Author of @MarketerInChief — Book launching July 4, 2021 — sign up for updates and pre-order info at http://marketerinchief.com

  • Indi Young

    Indi Young

    Freelance problem space researcher helping digital clients find opportunities to support diversity; Time to Listen — https://amzn.to/3HPlESb www.indiyoung.com

  • Debbie Levitt

    Debbie Levitt

    “The Mary Poppins of CX & UX.” DeltaCX.com and Delta CX on YouTube. CX and UX Strategist, Researcher, Architect, Speaker, Trainer.

  • Jesse Draper

    Jesse Draper

    Consumer Tech Investor, Supporter of female founders everywhere. Board Member. Boy Mom!

  • Harri Thomas

    Harri Thomas

    Co-Founder of @elephantsapp + Optimist | Prev. UXR @facebook , Co-Founder @respondent_io . I write about research + goals + friendships

  • Chelsea Thrupp

    Chelsea Thrupp

    Senior Product Designer, another Kiwi living in London ☀️

  • Schmännes


    Likes using and creating helpful things. Admires clear thinking and problem-framing. Very frank and eager to learn.

  • Gyorgy Berdal

    Gyorgy Berdal

    I spent 25 years working in the tech industry. Travel is my passion, so it is science. I have a passion for the truth and determined to learn about the World.

  • Amy Marie Phillips

    Amy Marie Phillips

    User researcher in public sector. Freelance photo editor/content manager. Loves news, coworking, and social enterprise.

  • Danae Paparis

    Danae Paparis

    I’m a UX researcher with a passion for understanding people, advocating for people, & sharing what I learn along the way.

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